Saturday, October 13, 2012


William has figured out I am helpless when I'm nursing Bryan or pumping. We're all DOOMED I TELL YOU! DOOOOMMMMEEEEEDDDD!

The Truth about Having 2 Under 2

It is EXHAUSTING! Physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally EXHAUSTING.

When I had my first son 20 months ago, day and night didn't really matter, aside from the odd doctor appointment. It was so easy compared to having 2 under two. If he slept I slept. Not any more. It's like some cosmic force will NOT allow my two children to sleep at the same time. It actually took me a long time to figure out how to carve out time for a shower. (I was actually given advice on when to shower from my mommy group on facebook)

It is also beautiful. It is beautiful when I see William give his little brother kisses. It is beautiful when William wants to hold his brother. It is beautiful when William comes running over with a paci that he has hid when his little brother starts crying.

So yes, it is exhausting and sometimes I feel like I am crazy for having 2 children so close together, but it is so worth it. I wouldn't have done it any other way.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Edible Paint

I have been wanting to do this with Will for a while and I finally had the chance. EDIBLE FINGER PAINTING! I have tried letting him color with markers before but that ended up with him eating the nib of the marker. So I learned two valuable lessons that day. 1. My son is still a mouther and will try to eat ANYTHING. 2. Don't try to multitask while doing crafts with a toddler.

I really had to put my thinking cap on because I'm generally not an idea person. It took me a week and I finally thought of edible finger painting. But what to do it with? My first idea was Cool Whip but we didn't have any of that on hand. I did however have some french vanilla pudding. KA-CHING! 

Here are the supplies you need:
Instant Pudding (Vanilla, French Vanilla, or Cheesecake would work)
Food Coloring

The great news is you probably already have some of that on hand and if you don't IT'S CHEAP! I got my food coloring from the dollar store and the pudding was $0.79 at Kroger.

Just make the Instant Pudding according to the package directions, spoon about a tablespoon in each part of a muffin tin, and make colors. Cheap AND simple.
It only took him 2 seconds to try and put in his mouth. This is why everything has to be edible at my house.


Some foot painting action.

He was so happy it was all about him.

Food coma.

Finished artwork.

Finished Will. 
This does require a bath afterward. I made his a glow bath. I just added a package of glow sticks that I got at the dollar store to his bath. He had a blast and got clean. Win win in my book.

The Mommy Wars

It seems to me that no matter what we do as parents we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't. 

If you breastfeed for too long you are the devil, if you formula feed you don't care enough about your children to give them the best. 
If you start solids before 6 months you are hurting your child, if you start solids at or after 6 months you are starving your child. 
If you spank your child you are abusive, if you don't spank your children you are letting them "rule the roost".
If you circ your son you are mutilating them, if you don't circ your son he will be dirty. 
If you work outside the home you are neglecting your child, if you are a stay at home mom you are neglecting your financial responsibilities. 
If you had a natural birth you are bragging, if you had a c-section you didn't "really" give birth at all. 

It is all so pointless. We should be supporting each other as mothers even if a mother make a decision that is different from yours. We all have the same goal of raising happy, healthy, and responsible adults. 

Besides... I truly believe that as long as we love our children unconditionally and support them they will turn out to be pretty amazing. But just in case maybe I should start a therapy fund instead of a college fund.

Who I am

I am so many things I find it hard to find a place to start. I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a "hippy", and a survivor. I am also compassionate, caring, driven, intelligent, and sarcastic.

My lifestyle is anything but traditional. In my home lives my mom, my husband, myself, and our two children. It is an amazing thing to get to share my children's lives with my mom on a daily basis. She is able to give me insight when I ask for it (and sometimes when I don't) and seeing the love she has for her grandchildren is breathtaking.

My husband David is the most astonishing man I have ever met. He really is pretty much perfect. He put's our children first and foremost in EVERYTHING. Then he puts me second and himself last. David wants to be the best father to our sons he can be and he does a very good job at it.

I have 2 sons. William who is 20 months old and Bryan who is 3 weeks old. Not that I am possibly biased or anything but I would have to say I have the most perfect children a mom could ask for. At not even 2 yet, William is so kind and loving. He loves giving kisses and adores his little brother. He even tries to help take care of Bryan by feeding him. William likes to try and share his snacks with Bryan. The execution is a little off but his intent warms my heart from the bottom to the top.

I love to save money any way I can. Seriously, the dollar store is my friend so you can be sure that anything you find on my blog will be inexpensive. I can wait to share my days with you and hopefully get to know some of you too.

Peace, Love, and Parenting,